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What part of your business doesn’t depend on your IT system? Working without any part of your technology running at full speed is like trying to work through an illness or injury. Let Trask Management Group keep your employees efficient and productive with a cost effective customized package of IT solutions that meets your needs for today and gives you peace of mind for tomorrow. We serve Boulder and the surrounding areas and the Atlanta metro area.  Contact us today to talk about your business.

Managed Services

Trask Management provides our services at a competitive rate, reducing your operating expenses and increasing your return-on-investment.

I.T. Services

We provide a full range of professional I.T. services including design, content filtering, security, projects, mobile, and IP telephony.


Whether you need help virtualizing, help with new hardware, or knowledgeable help deploying a new software package we are ready to go!


We’re here to help your company securely take advantage of the cloud. Save money by hosting your virtualized server with us.

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How We Serve Our Customers
We often tell people that we are a customer service company that happens to fix computers. And we truly are! Helping you reach your goals is what’s most important to us—not showing off our geek powers by saving the princess on level 22. Unless, of course, your company is a princess saving enterprise…
Managed Services
Operating various technologies in your office can be costly, but we can save you money with our fixed rate all-inclusive service offerings.
I.T. Services
We have a broad range of skills to help you with your project. You can count on us to do the job correctly the first time, on time.